Big Idea Chapters


Here is where we will post the drafts of the Big Idea chapters.

Each chapter starts with a brief explanation of one big idea
and then describes some of its consequences
in one major region of the world.

Click here to see the scaffold diagrams:

The goal is to have a set of concise readings
that meet Common Core readability standards
for informational text in 6th and 7th grade.

They may also be usable as supplementary reading in later grades
and as quick background for teachers who have been assigned
to teach world geography at any grade level.

The layout is intended to provide a concise chapter and at the same time allow teachers to give individual pages about specific consequences to different students and have them report back to the class in some way – oral report, poster, cartoon, electronic presentation, etc.

Here is a page of background information:

World big ideas and regions handout

And here are drafts of the chapters:

Chapters on Legacies in the United States and Systems in the Oceans are in rough draft.

Suggestions for other chapters?  Japan and Korea?  The Caribbean?  Southeast Asia?

NOTE:  These are content drafts.  They are still being revised.

In their present form, they may be useful for teacher background,
but they may need revision before using for student reading.

What do you think about spreading each page over two 7×9 book pages?

Or is it more convenient to keep the 8×11 format for easy printing?

Suggestion for other improvements in form and content are welcome!  Email