US History-Geography

Figure 4W Plantations and LandformsThis page will have materials for United States Geography and History classes.

Here is a sample, about the amount of work needed
to grow corn and cotton before the Civil War:

Frostfree Season and Corn vs. Cotton labor requirements

This is a sample activity from Teaching Geography
(Guilford Press, 3rd ed., 2014;


Here is a package that has multiple uses:
as an introduction to American environments,
as an investigation of environmental quality
on Native American reservations
and as a review of latitude/longitude

Here is a simulation of a locational decision – where to locate our settlement?

Here is a package about the Great Compromise on the location of the national capital

Here is a package about moving from the eastern forest to the mid-continent grassland
(moving into an environment where very few “log-cabin culture” ideas are appropriate)

Here is an early draft of a clickable mini-Atlas – comments welcome!

See also the North America presentations under Big Idea Geography