Big Idea Presentations and Clickable Maps

For each major world region, here are:

– clickable miniAtlases with multiple map layers
.      (click here for instructions about downloading clickable pdfs)

– a printable index, activity, presentation, and work map for each miniAtlas

See Big Ideas and Regions under Learning Progressions for scaffold diagrams that show how to incorporate these big ideas throughout a K-12 curriculum.

Big Idea 1 – Map Overlays of the World

Big Idea 2 – Regions, illustrated in North America

Big Idea 3 – Elevation, illustrated in South America

Big Idea 4 – Distance, illustrated in Australia

Big Idea 5 – Latitude, illustrated in Africa

Big Idea 6 – Size (Area), illustrated in Russia

Big Idea 7 – Resources, illustrated in SW Asia

Big Idea 8 – Population Density, illustrated in China

Big Idea 9 – Complexity, illustrated in Europe

Big Idea 10 – Culture, illustrated in South Asia