Unit 3 Population and Migration

The Unit title is “Population and Migration,” but several migration topics are postponed until later – they will be easier to teach after looking at the economic and political conditions that often drive migration.  To align better with the new Michigan GLCEs, we also narrowed the focus of Unit 3D, making it a concrete look at patterns of human settlement in one region (GLCE 6G43), rather than an abstract examination of urban problems and urbanization as a global issue – that larger topic relies on a lot of prior knowledge that students will not get until Units 4 through 6.  Giving Part D a specific regional focus on South America also has the benefit of adding details about an important region to their developing mental map of the world.   The draft chapters from the Big Idea Geography folder are primarily for teacher background, although individual pages might be useful as student readings (Readability is at Grade 6 to 6.5, according to a set of tests).

6th 3 Outline Unit 3

6th 3A 0utline How Did People Get There

6th 3B 0utline Population Growth

Here are some direct links to useful population-related websites:

6th 3C 0utline Population Pyramids


6th 3D 0utline Human Settlement       population geography in South America

6th 3D ThermoGraph for Porto6th 3D ThermoGraph for Quito