World History-Geography

This page will have materials for world geography and history classes

(because geography is an analytical perspective,
not just a list of the places and conditions
that make up the “stage” for the “actors”
who perform the “drama” of history).

Here are a few sample sets:


PS. You can also find a lot of world geography/history maps at the Michigan Geographic Alliance website:

While you are on that site, check out a very popular graphic organizer called the GeoHistoGram.

(Students can locate the anchor points photos listed above on this graphic organizer
as a recurring activity to put other events into perspective relative to the anchor points.)


The MGA site also has a large number of activities linked directly to 7th-grade world history GLCEs:

The G.I.A.N.T.s network also has some activities and other resources on their site:

Click on 7th grade and check out the teacher pages and resources as they get added this year.