Unit 2 The World in Spatial Terms

Unit 2 – The World in Spatial Terms

In this unit, students do four different kinds of geographic inquiry, using different modes of spatial reasoning to help organize and communicate information:

  • Part 2A uses the idea of enclosure to look at the population within continents,
  • Part 2B uses the idea of latitude to look at consequences of distance from the equator in Africa,
  • Part 2C uses the idea of region to subdivide North America into memorable areas, and
  • Part 2D uses the idea of pattern to examine why specific natural hazards occur where they do.

6th 0 Outline Unit 2     general outline

6th 2A 0utline How Can Maps Help

6th 2A World Population Presentation

6th 2A World Continent Population activity

6th 2Ax Where are the Mountains of the World

6th 2B 0utline Global Grid and Projections

6th 2B Equatorial Rainy Belt activity

6th 2Bx Where is the Equator presentation

6th 2Bx Globe and North America Projections

6th 2C 0utline Physical Features and Regions

BI2 Regions in N America  presentation   from the Big Idea folder

6th 2Cx North America clickable Climagraphs

CC Climate Change in History     overview of past climate

6th 2D 0utline Geography of Natural Hazards

6th 2D Weather Hazards Matching Activity

6th 2D Weather Hazards teacher notes

6th 2D Weather Hazards Detailed Maps extension